About Me

Shane Labs

Yup, that’s me

Hi! I’m Shane Labs, and I’m just like you.

I’m a web developer who’s pretty good at what I do. Give me an idea and I can create it. Even from scratch. I know PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and can dabble in the new stuff: ruby, rails, etc. I know all the other stuff to make that stuff work too – how apache servers work, how to make and run a mysql database, and how to manage email. I went to CalPoly, San Luis Obispo and got an amazing degree in Computer Science (go mustangs!). The problem is that I have too many ideas of my own, and never enough time to make them all!

I work full time as a software developer. And it’s great, but sometimes I want to work on my own projects. I’m motivated enough to put aside time so that I can create these side projects, but I have a problem. Actually, I have two problems, and they both piss me off!

Problem #1

I never finish the side projects I’m working on. I get close to finishing, but usually I never get fully complete. I’ll typically get 90% of the way there. Once I reach the ‘almost done’ state, I’ll almost always lose interest in the project. Seriously, you can bet on it. It’s probably because I have a new, better idea that I think is even more awesome (but in reality, it’s not, and that new idea will eventually get sidetracked by an even newer idea)!

Problem #2

In the small chance that I actually do finish one of my amazing side project ideas, I’ll never market it. How stupid is that? I spend all this time building it – getting a new domain, creating a logo, making a template, coding the functionality, testing it, polishing it, and being super proud of it. Then I’ll spend 3-4 days actually promoting it. I’ll link to it in forums, and maybe write a blog post about it, but then I’ll stop. And then when no one starts using my new site, I’ll get frustrated.

Over the years I’ve realized that the root of both of these problems is because I’m a developer.

Yup – the mere fact that I can create these side projects is the reason they’re also destined to fail. Being a developer, I know NOTHING about marketing. I know nothing about advertising, getting customers, or even keeping customers.

This blog is my attempt to fix that. I’ve identified my problems and weaknesses. Now join me as I figure out what I can do to fix this – to make side projects that actually get used, and ones that can even bring in some money on the side! I will be writing all these posts in my own words, so please excuse my spelling mistakes and grammar ignorance and keep in mind that I’m a developer, just like you!