April 2014 Profit Report: $250

Shane Labs May 8, 2014 2

(Every month I reveal stats about my side projects, which includes how much I’ve earned. The info below is slightly censored. For the full financial figures, sign up in the sidebar to the right)

I’m in the green again! After last month’s set of huge expenses, it was nice to have pretty minimal expenses this month – putting me back into the profitable zone. But just because I didn’t spend much money doesn’t mean my operations shut down. In fact, quite the opposite – I had my biggest traffic month to date: over 60k visits!

The huge jump in visits came from an article I posted on this site about one of my failures, which got some traction on reddit and hackernews. Funny how the most popular thing I’ve written so far has been about failing, not succeeding – is that what you all are more interested in?!

As a result, I got 16 new newsletter subscribers and few twitter followers too (Hello, newcomers!). This also exposes a poor conversion rate for me: 16 subscribers from about 8k visitors is a 0.2% conversion rate. That should be much higher! Something to add to the todo list…

Spike in visits

Spike in visits due to a popular article this month

Unfortunately this month I didn’t do well in regards to selling my products. Normally I have a few sales of either AmpedSense or EasyDbs, which brings in another $100, but this month there were none. I’m hoping it just a fluke, but if it happens again next month I’ll have to look into it further – especially since my main focus right now is on marketing AmpedSense.

What am I doing right now, you ask? I’m making some videos showing people about AmpedSense and how awesome it is! I’m hoping that will help people understand the need and push them a little further to buy. I’ll be sure to make a post when I’m done with them!

I didn’t do much work on any of my other side projects, including this site. Here are the summary numbers:

April 2014 Profit Report

Monthly stats from my side projects – sign up to the right to get the uncensored numbers

(You should be aware I’m excluding the expense of web hosting in that chart. At $5 per month, I feel like my web host cost is negligible and hard to split between that many sites.)

Compared to last month, traffic went up by about 15,000 visitors, and profit increased about $500. Although the profit comparison is useless because last month I spent a lot of money redesigning one of my sites.

Did you miss any articles?

If you haven’t been to my blog in a while, here’s what I posted this month:

Any questions, suggestions, or feedback about this breakdown? Would love to hear from you with a comment below!


  1. ThingsUnder15 May 8, 2014 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    You mention that hosting is $5 a month. Would that happen to be through Digital Ocean? Just curious.

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