April 2015 Profit Report: $644

Shane Labs May 11, 2015 3

Did you all thank your mothers on Mother’s Day a few days ago? I mean really thank her. Not just by sending her a card, but by telling her in person how she’s the most amazing human being you’ve ever met? If you didn’t, go call her right now. Seriously.

Now that I’m a parent I’m realizing how much hard work goes into raising a child, and I’m appreciating my mom more than ever. Parenting is tougher than any job (or side project) I’ve ever encountered. Plus my mom supported and enabled all my activities, including coding, which without you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter. Thanks, mom.

Ok, I’ll stop being mushy and get to the profit report. This month was a slight let down after last month’s record breaking achievement. However I shouldn’t have expected much – I put very little hours and didn’t execute the lessons I’d recently learned about going after affiliates.

Why the lack of time and drive this month? Because I’m moving.

Yup, I’m sad to announce I’m leaving the wonderful town of San Diego. It has been my home for the last 8 years, and I’m going to miss it. From its endless summer beaches to its thriving startup community, I’ll think about it often. Luckily we’re not moving too far away (just a couple hours north), to be closer to family. My wife and I always knew we’d eventually want to move closer to family, and realize we’d rather do it sooner than later, so the time is now.

So this is a warning that I’ll probably be a bit absent over the upcoming months. From selling our home, buying a new one, and moving all with a little child, things are gonna be a bit hectic around here. Apologies in advance if I lag at blog posts or take a few days to get back to you via email.

Anyway, enough about my personal life. Let’s look at this months numbers by project:

Apr 2015 Profit Report

Monthly stats from my side projects – sign up to the right to get the uncensored numbers

Compared to last month, a bit less visitors (-3k), and down almost $400 in profit. That’s okay, I know how to get that number back up to $1,000 once I get the time again. Someone commented last month that once you make it to $1k things start to get easier, and I can see his point.

Wish me luck with the transition (oh, did I mention I’ll also start working my full time job from home? Will write more on that later), and thanks for your patience in the meantime. I’ve actually been meaning to write a couple other posts (there’s been more activity with Host Benchmarker I’ve been dying to share) but want to make sure I don’t rush them. I’ll update you on everything else as soon as I can!

Did you miss any articles?

If you haven’t been to my blog in a while, here’s what I posted last month:

Any questions, suggestions, or feedback about this breakdown? Would love to hear from you with a comment below!


  1. Kevin June 8, 2015 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    Shane, I think you’re missing out on a lot of profit in these websites you’ve already created. i notice that most of what you’re doing here is adsense. Now, forgive me in that I haven’t read the entirety of your blog, but have you considered moving to digital products? As an example, let’s take a look at KegelsForMenTips.com. You have a sizable amount of visits per month, but you have very little to show for it. I wonder what kind of profit you could turn with something to sell, such as a digital book. If you had a 0.1% sale rate, and at $15 a book, You’re looking at $150 in revenue. I think you could do much better than 0.1% sale rate, but that example is just to give you an idea of how even the worst case scenario would probably make you tons of money.


    • Shane Labs June 8, 2015 at 9:04 pm - Reply

      Hey Kev – I can’t thank you enough for this suggestion. I’ve only messed with AdSense because quite honestly I’m lazy. I tried affiliate marketing in the past and failed miserably – AdSense got me loads more revenue than any offer through Commission Junction. But that was years ago and I bet you’re right about my own product. I’ve seen great returns on my own software product (AmpedSense) but haven’t explored the infoproduct avenue yet.

      I’m giving myself 30 days to implement this. Stay tuned, and thank you!

      • Kevin June 9, 2015 at 7:35 am - Reply

        Good luck! I think you’ll see amazing returns if you go through with this.

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