December 2013 Profit Report

Shane Labs January 7, 2014 0

(Every month I reveal stats about my side projects, which includes how much I’ve earned. The info below is slightly censored. For the full financial figures, sign up in the sidebar to the right)

Happy 2014! Can’t believe another year has passed. Hope it’s been a profitable year for your side projects!

Last month was a pretty good one. I saw an increase in AdSense revenue on one of my niche sites due to the holidays (Merry Christmas to me!), and sold my first wordpress plugin (exciting!). I also created, and despite spending money getting it started, it proved slightly profitable in its first month.

Here are the basic stats (uncensored stats are provided to my newsletter subscribers):

December 2013 Profit Report

Monthly stats from my side projects

A total of over $500 for having fun in my spare time is pretty awesome. Let’s hope it keeps up!

You should be aware I’m excluding the expense of web hosting in that chart. At $5 per month, I feel like my web host cost is negligible and hard to split between that many sites.

Any questions or feedback about this breakdown? Would love to hear from you with a comment below!

How’d your side projects do last month?

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