Flappy Bird Update – 50k per day to extinct!

Shane Labs March 20, 2014 0

Last month I posted about Flappy Bird, a super simple app game that was making $50k/day in advertising revenue. It sounded like the dream, and I reminded everyone that this isn’t going to happen to us.

Today I report about the drastic changes that have happened to Flappy Bird since then:

  • He took it off the market after receiving tons of hateful tweets.
  • He revealed that he’s been doing this for years, and this was his only successful game. In fact, Flappy Bird was even in the app store for almost a year before it got any traffic – just sitting there, waiting, with no love. He’s been programming since he was 16, now 30.
  • Dozens of other Flappy Bird clones came out, but despite being very close, the original was in the most demand – some people sold their phones for big bucks solely because it had an install of the original Flappy Bird on it.
  • He spoke out to the public to talk about himself, his life, and the rise and fall of his game
Flappy Tweet

Just one of the many hate-tweets the creator received

Key Takeaways

Here’s what I learned from following the creator’s adventure:

  • Be patient (any “overnight success” never is overnight – there are years of “behind the scenes” struggles)
  • Make sure you have thick skin (people are gonna hate whatever you do, you gotta accept and get past that)
  • Make sure your truly believe in your product (he grew to loathe his game)

It’s tough to believe that he gave up on $50k/day because of all the hate (although some claim he was worried about getting sued by Nintendo), but he did.

What would you have done in his shoes? Would you have pulled the app too?

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