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Shane Labs January 15, 2014 4

I mentioned in my last blog post that I attended the 1-Day Business Breakthrough with Pat and Chris (and how awesome it was). Part of that workshop included each participant getting up in front of the group and presenting a 60 second pitch about their business, and then letting the group provide feedback and suggestions for where you’re stuck. I had decided to focus on my newest project, AmpedSense, a premium wordpress plugin that helps people optimize their AdSense earnings.

My project - marked up

So many improvements to be made to my side project!

Go ahead, tear apart my project!

I was a little nervous when they called my name, especially since I had to go right after a pretty impressive business just finished. But everyone’s open manner made it really easy to go forward.

I explained why I created the product, about how I did things backwards (created before I validated the idea), and how I was having trouble getting visitors (let alone, sales). I expressed how I basically didn’t have a marketing plan and needed to know if people see potential in this, or if I should go after another side project. After about 2 minutes, input started flowing in.

Here’s a summary of what people had to say about AmpedSense:

  •  Have you considered making mommy bloggers your avatar? Mom bloggers are huge, and they lack the technical know how to optimize their revenue. Make it a little simpler, and target them with a specific landing page.
  • Or perhaps niche site owners are your target market. Whatever it is, pick it and cater to them.
  • Make a video showing how it works, how easy it is to use. Also include screenshots of the plugin in this video
  • Don’t look at this as a side project – it has potential. Focus on this 100% and go!
  • This has similar user base as PopupDomination and OptinSkin. See how they market their plugins, or contact them to see if we can market to their customers.
  • There are industry leaders that would be interested in this: Justin at EmpireFlippers, Spencer at NichePersuits, Derek Halpern of SocialTriggers. Reach out to them.
  • Get video testimonials
  • Create case studies showing before and afters
  • Try posting a limited free version on Don’t provide support to free users. If people don’t like that, can always remove it to eliminate any negative reviews.
  • Offer it free for now while I get enough testimonials, then start charging for it later.
  • Work deals with sites to get a share of their revenue increase. Offer free service, just take some of the income you increase for them.
  • Someone mentioned they used a company that optimized their ads for them. They offered a free service, as long as they got to put an ad in their footer. Consider that model.
  • Reach out to your potential market by contacting them individually. To avoid being spammy, build a relationship with them first. Don’t mention that you have a product in your first email to them. Provide them free advice, then later sell them.
  • Increase the price! $29 is cheap, especially if it earns people more money. It’s an investment.
  • Here’s a great example of a software landing page: mindbody software (here’s another I found: improvely)
  • Show proof of earnings increase – perhaps a counter of extra earnings, or % revenue increase to date.

Another interesting thing was how Chris Ducker commented on a concern of mine. I had said that I have a lot of side projects and I’m always jumping from business to business. His response:

“Welcome to being an entrepreneur. Everyone has the same exact experience – you’re not alone, and it comes with wanting to be your own boss.”

He says we have to intentionally take time to shut out other things while we focus on projects in sprints.

My action plan

In addition to the above comments, I had written down quite a bit of notes from the other presentations, and combined with that I came up with this action plan:

  • Focus 100% on AmpedSense for a month. Ignore all other side projects.
  • Look at other premium wordpress plugins. What is their business model? Do they offer a free version? How do they get their customers? How much do they charge?
  • Define my target market. Mommy bloggers? Niche sites? Does my product meet their need? How can these customers be reached? Come up with a landing page specific to them.
  • Make case studies to prove it works
  • Reach out to authorities to see if they’re interested in working together (EmpireFlippers, NichePursuits)
  • Reach out to a few customers. Let them try it for free in exchange for a case study.
  • Touch up the look – logo and theme could use some improvements

I’m actually pretty excited about this. I feel like I received lot of great advice, and I have a list of actions leading me in the path to success. All of it is obvious now that it’s in front of me, why couldn’t I think of it sooner myself?!

Let’s see how it goes – I’ll be posting updates revealing my progress.

Do you have any other suggestions AmpedSense?


  1. Geb January 24, 2014 at 11:37 pm - Reply

    Hey Shane,

    Those action plans are right on the money. I will test it out for a case study if you’d like, I’ve got several AdSense properties.

    Take Care,

    • Shane Labs January 25, 2014 at 10:48 am - Reply

      Hey Geb – Thanks for the motivation! I’d be happy to offer you the plugin for a case study, I’m emailing you now 🙂

  2. Josh January 31, 2014 at 7:14 am - Reply

    Improvely isn’t just a great landing page, it’s a tool you should be using to make any project a success! Don’t spend a penny on marketing ’til you have something like that set up.

    • Shane Labs January 31, 2014 at 9:03 am - Reply

      Hey Josh! Improvely seems cool, but at $29/mo for the cheapest plan I need to justify the costs. What has it provided you that you can’t get via Google Analytics?

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