Quick Marketing Update

Shane Labs April 21, 2014 0

Quick update – I’ve finished AmpedSense to my liking, and am now focusing solely on marketing it. Here’s my marketing plan:

  1. Reach out to industry leaders and have them review it (I’ve already engaged with 2 pros, and am waiting on them to hear what they think). I’d love their feedback, plus if they give me a shout out in a future blog posts, it could reach a large amount of my target market.
  2. Clean up any misleading marketing on the site. Although it may help sell, I’d rather have people be impressed with the product after seeing that it’s able to help them, than be disappointed if it didn’t “triple their revenue.” Word of mouth is a great marketing tool, and people don’t share stuff they’re not impressed with. This also will allow me to get approved to run Google Adwords ads, when I’m ready for that.
  3. Create 5-10 blog posts on the AmpedSense blog. Right now there’s only 1, and this should help SEO quite a bit
  4. Create a newsletter with a giveaway. Take time to make a pdf with some great tips in it, and give it away in exchange for them signing up to an email list. Use something like Drip to get their attention. I’ve heard countless times how well this works, and this will be my first time trying it.
  5. Make a video showing how easy it is to use. AmpedSense really is amazingly easy to use, and showing people that would be a great way to convert browsers into buyers.
  6. Try Facebook or Adwords. I know Adwords is expensive, and I know Facebook has unfocused traffic, but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

If none of those start producing more traffic and sales, I have a few others up my sleeve (such as creating a free version and starting an affiliate program). For now, I want to be completely focused on this plan of attack.

Do any of you have any other approaches that have worked for marketing your software?

I’m also going to attempt an “information diet.” How silly is it that I have to force myself to stop reading/learning for a little bit so I can focus on executing. There’s just so much information out there! It’s easier to read than to do, which is why I’m hoping this will keep me focused on doing.

Anyway, just a short update as I want to focus my efforts on AmpedSense now. Apologies if I’m a little absent over the next few weeks, I’ll be sure to catch you all up on my progress when I come up for air!

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