What is a Sidestrapper?

Shane Labs December 28, 2013 0

You’ll hear me use the term ‘sidestrapper’ throughout this blog. Here’s a formal definition for those curious:

Sidestrapper (noun) sighed-stap-pur :  a full time software developer with an entrepreneurial drive that creates successful side projects without any outside investment

A sidestrapper is:

  • ½ Developer – you can create software yourself. No need to hire any outside programmers. You probably have a full-time job as a software developer.
  • ½ Marketer – you are in charge of getting customers to your side projects. You know that if you build it, they will not come, so you have to advertise, market, and publicize your website yourself.
  • ½ Bootstrapper – you don’t want to be in debt to someone else, so all your activities are self-funded. Since you’re a coder your development costs should be slim, but you pay for hosting, domains, graphics, and advertising yourself. As you get more successful you re-invest a lot of your profit back into more projects.

Anyone catch my south park reference? 😉

What is a sidestrapper?

A sidestrapper is part developer, part bootstrapper, part marketer


Wearing all 3 of these hats is a lot of work! But we love it. We may have control issues, or we may just have limited budget, but we like doing all of these things. We love watching our projects grow in popularity and eventually bring in some profit.

Are you a sidestrapper too?

Follow along with me as I document my experience making a profit from my side projects. And if you’re brave enough to be featured as a Sidestrapper Profile, contact me to let me know – you’ll get some exposure, and our audience will learn a thing or three.

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