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Shane Labs March 10, 2016 0

Steve Harvey cracks me up. I see him on Family Feud almost every night making fun of the silly responses people provide on the game show. He’s been in several comedies, constantly making others laugh. And a few months ago he made the world crack up when he botched the miss universe winner and accidentally announced the wrong contestant.

That’s why when I came across an inspirational speech of his being passed around Facebook, I didn’t expect it to be impressive. But during this 6-minute clip it was obvious he’s a wise man with much to learn from.

Apparently after every taping of Family Feud, he talks to the audience and shares a moment. This time it was some advice about “jumping.”


Here are the important parts:

Every successful person in this world, has jumped.

You have to take that gift that’s packed away on your back, you have to jump off that cliff, and pull that cord. That gift provides the soar.

When you first jump, your parachute will not open right away. You’re gonna hit the rocks, and you’re gonna be bleeding pretty bad.

Eventually, the parachute has to open.

What does he mean by jumping?

What does he mean by jumping? Identifying your skills, putting faith in them, and taking chances with them.

To us sidestrappers, it’s giving yourself the time and energy to work on your side projects. You have great ideas. You are capable of creating them. You can make them successful.

I jumped last year when I quit my job.

And I’ve hit the rocks. I’m not that bloody, but I’m still working on soaring. But I will soar, in time.

Click here to see the full Steve Harvey “You Gotta Jump” video

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