Why you’re NEVER going to retire

Shane Labs March 31, 2015 2

I came across a crazy revelation the other day: I’m never going to retire.

And guess what? You’re never going to retire either.

Shut up. Yes, I am

Most people retire by saving up enough money to not have to work anymore. But not people like you and I.

It dawned on me when I was thinking about some other successful entrepreneurs that I know. I pictured them sipping a margarita on a breezy tropical island. Sun baking their relaxed bodies, not a care in the world except when is their butler going to be finished washing their Porsche.

But is that where they are? Nope.

Guess what they’re doing right now? Working.

Why? Because an entrepreneur never rests. Think about it. I’ve figured out one of my fatal flaws is that I’m always coming up with new ideas, always better than the current one I’m working on. I feel blessed that I have such creativity, but it’s also a major hindrance. Because of this I’m never able to really rest. Even when I am poolside with a margarita, my brain is going a 100mph crunching whether my next idea will work or not.

My friend Yaz

I have a friend, we’ll call him Yaz. He’s only a couple years older than me, but vastly more successful than me. At 25 he sold his company and was able to retire at a young age. Super impressive. But did he move to the countryside and watch the sunsets every night without a care in the world? Well, yes, but only for six months. That’s right, 6 months after he “retired” he was back in the startup world creating a new company.

Fast forward to just a few months ago. I meet up with Yaz for lunch just to catch up. And guess what he did again? Yup, sold his newest company for even more than he received in his previous sale. Yaz surely has enough money to not have to work for the rest of his life. This guy has now “retired” twice! And if I were to bet on it, he’ll be doing it many more times, because he’s never going to stop wanting to scratch the itch of the next new business idea.

And then there’s Pat

If you read my blog then you’ve probably heard of Pat Flynn. Amazing guy, even more amazingly successful. In short, he’s a blogger/podcaster that brings in about $60k per month. That’s an entire year’s salary in 1/12th of the time.

When asked about why he doesn’t retire, he states that he loves what he does. He doesn’t view it as work, and he loves being in the industry always looking for new ideas to pursue.

We sidestrappers are never going to retire

Unfortunately, you and I are the same way.  We have so much drive that even after toiling for more than 40 hours a week we come home and spend precious time working on our side projects. Why? Because we love them. But also because we’re never going to run out of ideas that need implementing.

This is a huge revelation for me. When I daydream about being retired, I need to stop picturing playing golf at Pebble Beach. Instead I should be imagining my old wrinkly self hunched in front of a computer (or whatever new holographic development system is the latest and greatest), since that’s what I’ll most likely be doing. Kind of a lame image, but that may be who I am.

So, it looks like I’ll be working forever. Does that mean I can stop contributing to my IRA?


  1. Mikey P April 4, 2015 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    Yeah, maybe – but at least we’ll be doing what we love. If you love what you do for work then it isn’t really work, huh?

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